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Sunday, April 05, 2020

Strippers with Rotary Bridge

Rotary type bridged strippers can be planned for the projects of circular sedimentation pools up to 6-60m in stripper diameter.   It is comprised of bridge, stripper arms, stripping palettes and startup group. 

The Bridge is situated in the carrying reinforced concrete structure located in the center of the pool.   The stripper arms are connected to the bridge at certain distances so as to allow movement in horizontal direction.  

Rubber strippers with cord fabric used in lower parts of the palette which is made of stainless steel can be changed easily when required.  The Bridge is made of standard steel profile and protected by epoxy primer and paint.  It is designed as strong enough to burden all kinds of static and dynamic loads. 

It can be manufactured as deep and surface (foam) stripper form.

All materials can be made of epoxy protected carbon steel, galvanize dip steel or stainless steel with parts inside the water. 

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