Packaged Chemical Treatment Systems

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Chemical treatment systems can be used for the factories and production facilities where the waste water in industrial grade is concerned.  Chemical treatment package facilities which can be designed in diversified dimensions by capacity are systems easy to be moved. 

Package Chemical Waste Water Treatment Systems are complete systems where rapid-slow mixing, precipitation, sludge condensing units is being used and chemical treatment operation is being accomplished. Our package treatment facilities operate silently, with no odor and at an optimum efficiency with discharge limits indicated at the current regulations. 

Package chemical waste water treatment systems can be manufactured in various sizes and capacities as per the pollution load and flow rate.  It is manufactured of St 37 carbon steel material as a whole and it is protected by two layers of epoxy priming coat and two layers epoxy coat.  In our facilities, by utilizing the equipment with high quality materials and lower fault rates and requiring minimum maintenance, the requirement for maintenance has been reduced the minimum levels.