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Sunday, April 05, 2020

Waste water pumps

Grundfos - SE Heavy-Duty type Submersible Waste Water Pumps
Technical Data
- Flow rate, Q:max. 88 lt/sec (315m³/h)
- Pump head H: max.45 m
- Temperature of the Liquid: between 0º C ~ + 40º C
- Nozzle: between DN 65 ~ DN 150

Application Areas

- Process waste water
- Unfiltered waste water
- Waste water containing sludge
- Pumps are available as both permanent and temporary installation.
Advantages - Double mechanical gasket
- Short shaft length= Long gasket life cycle (single channel fan)
- No need for cooling jacket (sink) thanks to Al stator
- Installation possibility when wet and dry
- Particle transmittance up to 100 mm
- Low clogging feature
- Ex-proof motor options 
- Easy service possibility thanks to clamping bounds
- Water-proof cable connections
- Low administration expenses 
- Modular design

Optional - Control and protection systems
- Motor operation control
- Sensors for visualization of the pump status


Grundfos - Unilift CC - KP - AP12 - AP35/50 -
AP35B/50B / Drainage Pumps
Technical Data

- Flow rate: Q:max. 35m³ / h
- Pump head H: max.18m
- Temperature of the Liquid: 0º C ~ 55ºC Application Areas

- Drainage of the flood water
- Pumping the domestic waste water
- Drainage of the Ground water
- Discharge of swimming pools and excavation waters
- Drainage of water-sump (cesspool)
- It is suitable for discharing the tank and reservoirs Advantages - Easy installation
- Does not Require any service and Maintenance Optional - Unilift CC is suitable for low suction.
- Unilift AP 35/50 and AP 35B/50B have a vortex flywheel
- Unilift AP35B and AP508 have auto-coupling and horizontal outlet






 City Pumps Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps for Waste water and Clean water
- a capacity up to 96 m3/h
- Pump head up to 38 m.
- Models that permeate solid particles up to 0.70 mm
- Mono-phase and three phase option
- Vortex and open fan models







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