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Sunday, April 05, 2020

Strippers with Stationary Bridge

 Strippers with stationary bridge are manufactured for sedimentation pools with circular and slanted bottom up to 6 m diameter.   They can be operated by installing over the pool. They can be operated by mounting over a stationary bridge made of reinforced concrete or steel.    

In case it is demanded the steel bridge can be manufactured by our company. The start-up unit which is comprised of a motor and reductor group fixed on the bridge provides a revolving motion to arms fixed on the main shaft and this motion is transferred to stripper palettes.  

The sludge that precipitated because of the gravitation is directed towards the center by means of the palettes and then transferred to sludge cone.



Rubber elements with cord fabric mounted on the palettes can be changed easily when required. The deflectors where the waste water is let in are manufactured together with the strippers and then mounted on the fixed bridge. All materials are made of epoxy primer and paint protected steel.  In case it is desired, it can be manufactured as stainless steel or dip galvanized steel. 


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