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Sunday, April 05, 2020

DAF (Diffused Floatation)

 DAF (Diffused Air Floating) systems are usually used for the purpose of discriminating the diffused and undiffused organic and inorganic fats/oils in the waste water.   By adding emulsion to water in the mixing tank located at the inlet of the floatation system, the emulsified structure is split. Emulsified phase and waste water mixture is passed to floatation tank.   Here the dissolved air and emulsified oils/fats is split from the water and accumulated at the top section. By means of the floatation tank stripper the upper phase is stripped and transferred to oil accumulating tank. The waste water purified from the oil is then transmitted to pressuring tank by means of a pressure pump and mixed with the air provided by the compressor. 





  The mixture of pressurized diffused air and water is transferred to DAF system as fine bubbles.   Air bubbles provide the emulsions and suspended solid particles in water to be accumulated at the surface level of the tank. The oil and floating substances/materials is transferred to oil collecting container with the help of a superficial stripper at the top of DAF unit. All the materials used in the system are made of St 37 epoxy painted carbon steel. Depending on the demand, it can be manufactured as dip galvanized coated steel or stainless steel.

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