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Sunday, April 05, 2020

Mono Pumps

Seepex Mono-pumps

Liquid Inlet-Outlet: varies depending on the application and pump size.
Connecting Type: Flange, NPT or BSP notch
Capacity Range: 30 lt/hr - 500 m3/hr
Max. Suction Head (Height): 8,5 m (varies according to the stator geometry)
Max. Solid Particle Size: Pump rotor -  varies according to the stator geometry
Max. Outlet Pressure:  With different models 6-12-24-48 bars
Pump Body Materials: stainless steel, cast steel, various steel materials coated with elastomer (resilient material)
Pump Rotor Materials: 316Ti, 304 stainless steel, Hastalloy C, tool-steel, etc.
Pump Stator Materials: Viton, Teflon, NBR, EPDM, Aflas, Hypalon, Kalrez, Silicon, etc.
Other Features: It is used in almost all industrial and domestic applications, in liquid form as well as viscose, in materials with / without solid particles contents, with various material options primarily in rotor and stator parts depending on the usage area.   There are primarily various options such as sensor for dry operation, high pressure protection system and they can be used for the transfer, dosage, circulation requirements providing high sensitivities in all kinds of liquids.
o    Liquid transfer can be performed as  strokeless and stable form.
o    Thanks to its high suction capacity, it can realize a suction up to from 8.5 m and can transfer including the liquids with gas-air contents.
o    with various installation alternatives there are design options directed to the needs.
o    large inlet /nozzle makes it possible to suck up to the pump even in viscose liquids. 
o    by changing the operating direction of the electric motor, it is possible to work in bi-directional way.  (Usage possibility of suction direction as pumping direction)
o    Thanks to block connecting it to electric motor with flange, short and compact design.

Ablin Hose Pumps 

Max. Capacity: 850 lt/h
Max. Outlet Pressure: 7,5 bars
Max. Suction Head: 9 m. (dry)Max. Operating Temperature: 80 C°
Hose materials: natural Rubber (NR), Buna-N (NBR) or EPDM 
Hose Connection Element-Pump Inlet: SST, PP or PVDF 
Accessories: Impact damper, Suction vacuum kit, hose burst out detector 
Option: Albin Pump ALH 05 series pumps can provide 2 or 3 lobe shoe mechanism.

Other Features: Hose pumps are used for the transfer of the sludge, corrosive chemicals, the liquids which are abrasives, sensitive to be cut, contain solid particles, chemical substances having high viscosity and density, and dosage of them with high sensitivity (1%). The unique pump components that contact with the liquid are hose itself and hose (insert) connecting element. There is no limitation for dry operation.  Pump operates at lower rpm and is delivered as a complete set installed at a steel chassis with an electric motor with proper values and a reductor.  It can operate in both directions. 

Börger Löge Pumps

Liquid Inlet-Outlet:  Varies on the application and pump size.
Connection Type: Flange
Max. Capacity: 1200 m3/h
Max. Suction Head (Height): 8,5 m
Max. Solid Particle Size: varies on the pump size.
Max. Outlet Pressure:  For Standard models  12 bars, 16 bars with stepped version
Pump Body Materials: Stainless steel, duplex, cast steel, nodular cast iron

Pump Lobe Materials: SBR, NBR, EPDM, FPM, CSM, PTFE, SST
Pump Gasket Materials: Duronit, Si/SiC, SSiC 
Pump Start-Up Alternatives: In various modes (horizontal, vertical, submersible) electric motor, hydraulic motor, diesel engine, vehicle shaft (PTO) 
Other Features: Börger lobe pumps are of positive displacement, with auto-suction and having no valves.  Thanks to screw type lobes, a flow that does not generate pulsation, and constant and stable flow is ensured.  The Pump, by switching the motor operating direction can be run in both directions.
By providing 6 series - 16 models, solutions for the needs as diversified and not easy to apply can be met.  They are especially preferred for the liquids with sludge and suspension type contents or the transfer of abrasive and shear sensitive products. 

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