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Sunday, April 05, 2020

Linear Streppers

Sedimentation process in some cases are being done in rectangular cross-sectioned pools.    In order to accumulate the sludge sedimentation at the bottom along with the sedimentation tank, in the sludge channel, these linear strippers can be planned in designs.  The bridge and the strippers that can be started up with the help of a cable or an electric motor can be moved back and forth by means of the wheels situated on the lateral sides of the pool.  The linear strippers can be divided in 2 groups as movable bridge strippers and strippers with chain. 


In the system with chain the sludge accumulated at the bottom is stripped up to head from the end and then is discharged to sludge collecting pit at the inlet gate. 


The mobile bridge requires less maintenance in comparing to stripper system with chain.   In the stripper systems having a mobile bridge, the sludge is collected towards the middle from both ends and then transferred to sludge container at the pool center.  The sludge sedimentation in the collecting pit is then taken to sludge sluice by means of a pump or air lift system. Such type of strippers can be designed so that they can perform the stripping both the surface and deep at the same time.   The bridge material is made of epoxy coated steel as a standard, and the parts that contact with the water are made of stainless steel.   Depending on the demand, it can be manufactured as epoxy coated steel as a whole or dip galvanize coated steel.
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